Data Communication – The Language of the Future

A career in data communications lets you work in an engineering discipline, helping computer systems and devices “talk” to each other. Networking, routers, routing protocols, and networking over the Internet are applications directly related, and of interest to, data communication majors and those considering a degree in data communication.

Data communication is sometimes considered a sub-discipline of telecommunications, computer science, IT and computer engineering, which is a primary reason why people who have education, expertise and interests in these disciplines may ultimately pursue careers in data communications. Another reason is that computer networks rely heavily on these disciplines, drawing a direct connection between the fields.

The following make students and career professionals strong candidates for careers in data communications:

Students and tech-savvy professionals who are interested in how computer networks “communicate with each other” and want to influence that communication.
Young people ready to enter the working world and seasoned professionals wanting to “re-invent” themselves who have interests in local area networks (LANS), and wide area networks (WANS).
Anyone interested in how networks are interconnected, allowing communication with a variety of different kinds of media.
Once you determine data communication is the field for you and you have an idea of what occupation within the data communications industry you may want to pursue, you can begin going after your data communication degree.
ITT Technical Institute not only offers a highly sought after degree in data communication, combining classroom study with real-world training, the institute also offers the option of getting your data communication degree online, which makes it easy for you to balance your data communication education with your work and personal life.

The data communications courses online carry the same value as those offered in our classrooms. Here, you will not only learn the fundamentals of data communications, you’ll learn and know how to apply what you’ve learned. This makes obtaining employment and following your career path much easier after graduation.

Whether you choose to get your entire data communication degree online or in the classroom, you’ll be on your way toward a rewarding career that helps computer networks communicate, which helps the business world communicate. Who knows, perhaps you can help develop a streamlined approach to network communication or maybe even help transform the entire industry and the ways in which we communicate electronically?

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